Pilates Mat Classes- $15

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During Pilates mat classes we teach you the implementation of Joseph Pilates’ six “Pilates Principles” – centering, control, flow, precision, concentration, and breath. You will learn sequences of isometric exercises, orthopedic stretches, and amazing core pelvic floor movements, and you’ll be sculpting the body proportionally. All body parts will be equally challenged. Beginners thrive in this mixed-level class! All levels are welcome as we strengthen the mind and body together.

Pilates Equipment Reformers- $30

Pilates Reformers are state-of-the-art, hand-crafted equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, himself. Our Reformer classes are customized training sessions designed to provide the Pilates enthusiast with the finest in post-rehab, Physical therapy, athletic conditioning, and very personal training. Each session is designed for your specific needs -- no one-size-fits-all workouts here! Group, private or semi private reformer sessions are available for you. Highly recommend if you’re starting a new fitness routine, rehabilitating an injury, or just looking to improve your well being. We recommend you start here.

5 Class Pass- $135
10 Class Pass- $250

Please contact Debbie at 904.325.1497
to schedule your private or semi private Pilates reformer appointment. All other group reformer classes please book directly online.

Tone & Sculpt -$15
An hour-long, full body workout! Tone & Sculpt is a unique, high energy/no impact exercise class. We combine, light weights and resistance bands with continual fat burning movements. Our focus is on toning and resistance exercises for the butt, legs, torso and arms: sculpting muscles and elongating the body. This is a must have fun fitness class designed just for you.

Pilates Barre
Barre is a combination of yoga, Pilates and athletic conditioning, using the ballet barre for stability and resistance. Many of our exercises are ballet inspired, but there is no actual dancing. We use small concentrated movements to tone, tighten, strengthen and sculpt each major muscle group as well as deep internal and supporting muscles. These exercises are followed by stretches to lengthen the muscles and create long-lean lines. Our workout is low-impact, so it’s easy on the body’s joints. Just because it is low-impact, it is still high-intensity and will produce noticeable results after a few weeks of regular classes. 

30 Minute Jump Board
It’s time to have fun and spring away. This class is taken on the Pilates reformer machine and the Pilates jump board. This 30 minute class is energizing, upbeat, increases the heart rate and focuses on cardio. No matter your age this class will make you feel like a kid again. You will be able to jump and spring away with no pain in your joints. This 30 minute class is designed for busy people who want to work on their health and wellness but struggle to find time to do so. This class is schedule during lunch time so you can take a few mins away from your busy day for yourself. Come have fun with us at the Pilates Yoga Loft.

Senior Springs -$30
Senior springs is a class designed for senior students. 50yrs of age and older. This class is taken on the Pilates Reformer machines. You will gain overall better awareness of your body and improve your heath and wellness. Our goal for you in this class is to gain a better range of motion, flexibility, strength and balance in a safe environment. This class is designed for you to overcome injuries and bring healing to the body mind and spirit.

Foam Rolling / Pilates-$15
The Pilates foam rolling classes are designed to bring awareness to your core muscles, improve balance, posture, and lengthen and strengthen the entire body. Foam rolling can help reduce pain and muscle soreness! Massaging the muscles increases blood flow and oxygen to the tissue, helping the natural healing process. It helps with flexibility and even can help get rid of cellulite!
Foam rolling helps to stretch and lengthen muscles, so you have a better range of movement. This class is for everyone!! You will find a variety of Pilates movements in this class using the foam roller and there will be sections of the class where you learn myofascial release, self massage and rolling techniques.

Py4 -$15
Py4 Loft is our Pilates Yoga Loft signature class created by our 4 lead instructors Debbie Mark Lucas and Jordan.
This hour fusion class is a circuit group fitness class including the 4 areas of fitness. Sculpt, Cardio, Lengthen and Strengthen. We add in weights for sculpting, fitness trampolines for cardio, resistance bands to lengthen and your own body weight to strengthen all major muscle groups; designed to define, shape and tone your body. Stop in to see why we call this our signatures class at the Loft. Py4 Loft is a friendly fitness community class that helps you find the perfect well balanced workout to enjoy your life, regardless of your age or athletic ability.

Adult Ballet - Contemporary -$15

This 1 hour class has been designed to give students an understanding of both ballet & modern dance through exercises that engage in body awareness and movement exploration. Students will learn basic body movement and choreography in a fun and structured environment. This is a signature class offered at the Pilates Yoga Loft.

The Top 10 Benefits of Pilates

  • Works for Any Level of Fitness
    Young or old, top athlete or senior citizen, the basic principles of Pilates are adaptable to every fitness level. Pilates practitioners have thousands of exercises available to them so you can obtain a customized workout, tailored to YOUR needs.

  • Increase your Core Strength
    When you have a strong “core” (from well developed abdominal, back and pelvic muscles) your entire body is supported. All the rest of your body’s muscles can then work in harmony. Happily, along the way, a nice flat midsection is developed (and who doesn't want that?).

  • Acquire Great Posture
    A good core supports alignment in the rest of the body and this is reflected in the highly-visible posture that we display to the world (posture is often the first thing people notice about you). Beautiful posture is so often observed in Pilate’s practitioners.

  • Flexibility is Radically Improved
    At any age, flexibility is your protection from injury and also makes day-to-day life much easier. Whether you are putting away groceries or playing a round of golf, a flexible body is more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Stronger, Longer Muscles without Bulkiness
    Pilates builds strength without bulking you up. The long and lean muscles built with Pilates have created physiques that are highly admired and immediately recognizable.

  • You’ll Have More Energy
    Being in good condition is the key to having more energy in your daily life. Pilates increases circulation and strength so you will move easily and more freely. It seems like a contradiction but exercise gives you more energy and does not take away from your energy reserves. Remember: Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest while bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.

  • Lose Weight, Develop a Sleek, Lean Appearance
    Combined with proper diet and cardio, Pilates can give you that long, sleek appearance that is so desirable. As a full-body toning system, Pilates is highly effective in transforming one’s body.

  • Increased Feeling of Well-Being
    The endorphins (the body’s “feel good” hormones) released as a result of a Pilates workout, along with the increased energy and confidence that come from a beautifully functioning body all contribute to an overall increase in your sense of well-being, a crucial component of a happy life.

  • A Strong Mind in a Strong Body
    Pilates six principles; control, precision, centering, concentration, breath, and flow all promote a Mind/Body/Spirit connection “ The holy trinity” that leads to harmony in your life as you learn to meld the elements of your spirit, body and mind.

  • Head-to-Toe Fitness is achieved
    Your body is only as strong as its weakest link. A Pilates fitness program will strengthen, tone and improve flexibility in every muscle group in your body leaving no weaknesses or imbalances that can invite injury to your body and stress into your life.