I previously trained as a weight lifter and runner and found I was getting far too many injuries. I am a physical therapist with a doctorate degree and I was thrilled to learn that I could strengthen my body without heavy lifting. Since I have been doing Pilates Reformer classes and yoga, I have been injury-free. I have learned to strengthen my muscles through elongating them and using breath control. Now, at the age of 36 I have never felt or looked better. I’m thankful for my first instructor, Pilates Yoga Loft owner, Debbie Sheme who taught me about Pilates and encouraged me to add Pilates to my lifestyle. I recommend the Pilates Yoga Loft to anyone of any age. Try a class with Mrs. Debbie; you won’t regret it. I loved it!!!!

Dr. Kristin Lion, DPT, CSCS
— Philadelphia, PA

I am a Certified Personal Trainer who has worked closely with Debbie Sheme and her staff. As a fitness professional I have had the opportunity to observe the Pilates Yoga Loft team at work and to speak personally with their clients. The level of passion and professionalism that Debbie and crew bring to their work is inspiring and highly impressive. The responses from her students are always positive ones with each expressing high levels of satisfaction with their Pilates Yoga Loft experience. I see plenty of smiles and sometimes a fair amount of sweat, too, in evidence.

I work throughout the state of Florida with a wide array of wellness and fitness professionals and I can confidently say that the Pilates Yoga Loft team ranks at the top of my list of qualified, passionate and effective instructors.
— Tony DiCosta, CPT - Florida

“The Pilates Reformer makes for a truly challenging, targeted fitness regimen. There is so much versatility and so many unique exercises that can be done with this machine! My first Reformer experience, and owner/instructor Debbie did an excellent job introducing all its functions, getting me started, evaluating my fitness level, and setting up a routine. She is enthusiastic, patient, and absolutely fun to work with! Light stretches and a few minutes’ relaxation were great ways to end each class. Expect to see quick progress in strength and muscle definition with the Reformer”
— Karolina - Florida

Private Reformer Sessions Enhanced My Biking Capability
I am 60 years old and enjoy biking. I spent the month of January and rode 525 miles. I attended 5 reformer private sessions with Debbie. She brings a unique background to her training approach. Her focused workouts enhanced and improved my riding skills. I highly recommend Debbie and all her instructors. I would encourage you to sign up for a private reformer sessions.
— Jim Havens

Best yoga class
I have always done my Yoga at home until now... Debbie and Mark are the top of the top notch instructors!.. I just can’t wait to take another one of their classes! They are so encouraging and soo much fun! The Aerial yoga was a great experience that will make you feel like a kid again! What a blast! I am so glad to have found this sanctuary!! Thank you so much for this experience!
— Kelly, California

Worth every Pennie & second
Looking for a workout? Go to Pilates. Need to relax? Try candlelight renew and restore yoga.
Want to try something new? Aerial yoga is the place you should be (if there is any fear about being in the air- try this class and you’ll want to do it again!!) This studio provides classes for every level and every need at a personal level.
— Mariah Hass

Just what I needed
Beautiful experience. Staff is lovely and knowledge. Highly recommend. I am new to Yoga and they were very helpful during class. Did you know that the Loft has beach yoga and sup yoga. Definitely check out all the studio has to offer. 5 stars!!
— David Flory, Florida